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A+ details
Morgan Stanley's APL with GUI, system interfaces, callbacks, synchronization among objects, ASCII and/or APL character sets. Manual, history, screenshots, downloads, documents, FAQ, contacts, resources, reviews. [Open Source, GPL]
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APL2000 Inc. details
Rapid Application Development products and services. Announcements, support.
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APL2C details
An extended APL interpreter with built in compiler, able to convert APL functions into C source files. The generated C code is portable and can be compiled on multiple platforms. Nested arrays, APL symbols, and new style control structures.
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Dyalog Limited details
Producers of one of the finest APL interpreters for all versions of Windows and some flavours of UNIX. They have links to an APL webserver producing graphs.
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J Software details
Modern high performance, general purpose programming language, ideal for complex analytics and data manipulation. APL inventor Kenneth Iverson formed Iverson Software and works here. Free evaluation download.
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Juggle: J for Unix details
Master distribution point for Unix versions of ISI's J system and related issues. Features: bug report database, J Feature Hitlist, CVS repository for official and contributed J code, mailing lists, ISI site mirror, ...
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Kx Systems details
Makers of Kdb relational database manager extended for timeseries, and K programming development environment. Mission-critical applications are being built in Kdb and K at top-tier financial institutions world-wide.
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MicroAPL Ltd details
Innovative porting tools and services, and software consulting. Sells APL.68000 for Apple Macintosh. Recently released APLX for Windows, MacOS, Linux & AIX.
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Soliton Associates details
Delivers systems and applications software products for IBM/MVS, and now RISC/UNIX platforms, integrated with proprietary and industry-standard middleware. Also a free Linux version.
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