What kind of files can spread viruses?

Viruses have the potential to infect any type of executable code, not just the files that are commonly called ‘program files’. For example, some viruses infect executable code in the boot sector of floppy disks or in system areas of hard drives. Another type of virus, known as a ‘macro’virus, can infect word processing and spreadsheet documents that use macros. And it’s possible for HTML documents containing JavaScript or other types of executable code to spread viruses or other malicious code.

Since virus code must be executed to have any effect, files that the computer treats as pure data are safe. This includes graphics and soundfiles such as .gif, .jpg, .mp3, .wav, etc., as well as plain text in .txt files. For example, just viewing picture files won’t infect your computerwith a virus. The virus code has to be in a form, such as an .exe program file or a Word .doc file, that the computer will actually try to execute.

Management Information System

MIS is a combination of human and computer based system, which takes input both from inside and outside the environment of business, then store, calculate, analysis, summaries data and finally generate the output reports in various form to the various level of management for all business purposes to take timely and correctly decision for the organization and so how they control the business functions.

MIS is helpful to the manager to take the structured decision. MIS reports are also helpful to compare the current performance with the historical record.

MIS work on such data which are captured by the TPS system so the TPS is the base of the MIS. MIS report generated periodically, i.e. Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and so on.

Problems with MIS

1. Lack of planning:

Before doing any activity the essential step is planning, at least rough plan should be there so that business can know what it the next step to do and in this way manager can control the behavior of the organization, otherwise it is a team without caption.

2. Lack of interest by the management in implementation of MIS:

Because the management are the key people of the organization and without there committed support how is it possible to the real implementation of the MIS into business so that they can gain some more.

3. Short use of computer system:

Today’s computer are able to perform a job into the milliseconds which the number of human cannot able to do it in into the number of weeks. So if you get the benefits then you must have to use computer with MIS.

4. Not enough computer knowledge by the management:

Computer knowledge is essential for the smooth and fast work of the organization. Technology change the way of performing the job.

5. Poor involvement of the information specialist team:

Without the creative ideas, suggestions, opinion, discussion it’s too tough to walk along with our competitors. So information specialist team gives total contribution into the MIS in terms of updating of technology.