Network Services and Server Management Trends in the Future

Computer network and server management are two most important things for effective administration of an organization making heavy use of computer machines. Until recently, it has been observed that many companies invest very little in hiring external agencies for network services and server management. Most small and middle level companies however can manage to look after their networking and server related needs by employing the qualified staff.

With hardware and software becoming complex by the passing of each day, the task of maintaining computer networks and servers have also become complex. It would be quite interesting to observe what the future holds in respect to the changing trends for network services and server management.

As the Internet evolves, new ways of computing are made possible. As far as computer networks are concerned, the trend of “cloud computing” has already picked up. Currently, the Internet consists mainly of personal computers with large amount of processing power and disk space (called ‘fat client computers’) connected to servers (other computers that distribute data). The idea behind cloud computing is to gradually reduce the use of PCs with a network computer (NC) or ‘thin client’. A thin client computer has a processor similar to a PC but less memory and no disk storage, and so is much cheaper. Instead of storing data, programs and applications on a local hard disk in the PC, the network computer simply downloads data and programs from a server into its RAM as needed. Cloud computing promises economies of scale and centralization, since all the data is stored on a few servers, and any software developments that need to be made apply to these servers only.

It has been envisioned that by 2025 all computers will be connected to thin clients in one way or the other. What remains to be seen in the future is the fact that the present Internet infrastructure including phone lines, cables, and other supporting computer devices would have the required capacity, speed and reliability to support network computing.

Until that time, organizations will require the professional services of server administrators to install Company servers; monitor and manage them efficiently. In this era of outsourcing, full-time employees may not be sufficiently skilled to handle the job of network and server management. The role can be entrusted to an external agency expert in such matters. Their work involves monitoring of servers remotely, diagnosing problems, tuning, upgrading, migration, optimization, security and the like. For a small fee or a regular contract, you can feel assured of secured systems and data safety.

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