Tips for Choosing the Right Graphics Card for Gamers

If you’re trying to build a new computer, or simply looking to upgrade your current configuration for gaming, you’ll eventually want to get a graphics card. Let’s take a look at a few on how to choose a new graphics cards that would be ideal for gaming.

Not all gamers can throw down $500 for the latest and best GPU. In fact, thanks to the triple-whammy effect of the global slowdown, jaded gamers and gaming consoles, the market for high-end cards has collapsed spectacularly over the past few years.

Enter the frugal gamer. This is someone who wants to be able to play the latest games on his or her PC but doesn’t want to have to be a bank robber to do it. They will have a middle or the road PC, aren’t concerned with frames per second or having all the detail in the game turned up to 11. They just want to play games.

When the game Crysis was releases, there was a feeling in the gaming community that things had gone too far. Here was a game that pushed the envelope of technology way too far, so far in fact that at the time that the game was released there wasn’t a graphics card yet in existence that did the game justice.

But since Crysis things have calmed down a bit. Not only have game developers realized that in order to make money from games, people would like them to run on existing hardware (modest hardware if possible), but GPUs have come along a lot too.

The frugal gamer can equip their PC with a $100 graphics card and should be able to throw any game at the card and get an acceptable result. Good cards to choose might be from the Radeon HD 5670 range or GeForce GT 240.

For high-end gaming, this is for all you high-end gamers out there. Here are some cards for you to drool over:

– SAPPHIRE 100280-4GBB Radeon HD 5970 4GB
– XFX HD-597A-CNB9 Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition 2GB
– GIGABYTE GV-R597D5-2GD-B Radeon HD 5970 2GB
– EVGA 015-P3-1485-AR GeForce GTX 480 SuperClocked+ 1536MB
– PNY XLR8 VCGGTX480XPB GeForce GTX 480 1536MB