Milwaukee Website Design Agency

This is undoubtedly an age of Internet marketing. Internet marketing consists of a huge range of actions such as selling products/services on the Internet, selling spaces in your personal website to Google or other advertisers and doing affiliate marketing. In short, if you are making money from the Internet with the help of a website or without it, you are an Internet marketer. Now, if you are a marketer, you need a shop. On Internet, your website is the shop, which is visited by prospective clients. As a consumer will not like to buy anything from a shop that is shabby and disorganized, similarly, your clients will leave your website immediately if it is not appealing to them. This is why recruiting a professional website designer is so important.

If you search on the Internet, you will find numerous website designing agencies. How to find the right website designer is a question that haunts many website owners who would like to have their websites designed nicely by a web designer. Well, there is no ‘X’ factor that makes an agency different from the other. Most of them offer excellent services, which should satisfy you. Still, your cannot just choose any designer as it is a matter of your website. There are various factors that you can consider to decide this.

Get a reference

The value of a good reference is immense, as on Internet you can be hardly sure if a company is genuine or not. The best thing for you will be to ask around and take down the names of some web design agencies already recruited by people whom you know and trust. If you find an agency on the net, visit the page that displays contacts of some previous clients.

Look and feel

Before zeroing on an agency, test the look and feel factor. Visit their website and try to think if you really like their website design. Do you like the graphic design on the top or the flash image at the bottom? What about the layout of the page? If you think it is quite mediocre or completely useless, then you may not want to recruit them to design your website. Trust is a major factor with website designing and if you are unable to trust your designers, you better not recruit them.

Price quotation

When you decide to recruit a Website designer, you must have a budget in your mind. Ask your friends with past experiences what can be the cost to design a website the way you require. Once you have a rough estimate of how much you will be willing to pay for the job, ask for price quotations to the web designers you have short listed. Many web design agencies provide a free price quotation service, which allows you to get an estimate of how much they are going to charge you. Reject those agencies that will charge you way above you would like to spend.

Statisically your website has about eight seconds to convince a website visitor to stay, otherwise they bail and visit your competitors website. Of course, exactly why depends on many factors. Did you convey confidence and trust they could find what they were seeking. How compelling was the experience?

Well that’s how Eightseconds was born, to help clients make the most of those first eight seconds. Eightseconds is an award-winning website design agency located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. The Eightseconds team has decades of Fortune 500 brand marketing and design expertise, and leverages that for up-and-comers and small to mid-market companies to help give them a better competitive advantage online.

Eightseconds knows that being successful online is more than having a pretty website, under their candy-coated exteriors, the websites are packed with marketing strategies, strong usability, memorable brand experiences, search engine optimization techniques, and an array of tactics to convert website visitors into customers.

Your website visitors often make a decision about your business within the first 8 seconds. Contact Eightseconds to make the most of your website.

Choosing the Layout of Your Website

A website layout is just as vital as the information that is on the website. If you want a website that is user friendly, choose a layout that makes navigation easy. You have probably discovered there are some layouts easy to understand and fast to use, while others are time consuming and hardly worth the effort it takes to use them. Easy to use websites are overall more likely be visited and returned to. And layouts that are more simple to use generally are more easy to create.

The website has a variety of facets to it’s layout… Initially, we are concerned with the design. Does your webpage have all the things you wanted in it? Do you know how it is set up and where all that you need is situated? Remember, you can utilize different layouts for each individual page. Being part of the same website doesn’t mean that they necessarily have the same look and feel. Uniformity helps, but is not necessary, and people use a wide range of layouts and templates on their websites.

A website is akin to a textbook, with each page corresponding to a unique chapter such as a theme or an event. The choice of uniformity or choosing a variety of templates and layouts really depends on what you are looking for and how much work you want to put into the website itself. It’s a good idea to check and assess whether or not the website builder you’re utilizing will support multiple layouts. There are some that are based on a single layout.

You are going to want a layout that is not too busy that it detracts from the purpose of your website which is the content on it. The content is obviously the most important item on your website. Your visitors are coming to view the content so make sure you keep your focus. The layout is also based on what you are presenting. Choose a layout according to amount of text needing space compared to amount of pictures needing space. You will also need to have a layout that will give you the link and page choices that you require. If you use the right template to add additional pages you can cut down work considerably.

Website backgrounds will be more attractive and appealing if colors are bright, but not glaring. However, if you can not read the text because of the color or it is hard on the eyes chances are you will end up losing visitors. After you have chosen the type of template, the colors and the pattern if necessary, it is important to make sure that everything you need, link and page buttons, banners and menus are placed in the proper place. There are numerous template choices which will enable you to select the locations for the different parts. Choose these options next in order to complete the layout for your website.